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This is NOT a sales post, this is a post to hopefully assist and potentially educate people looking to undertake JOC/MCC or APS MCC training.

We have been receiving an increasing amount of phone calls asking about the APS MCC and why we don’t offer it. The answer is no, we do not offer APS MCC courses and no, we currently don’t want to offer it. This is for a very good reason, and we would like to explain this to assist potential APS and JOC/MCC course candidates. The Airline Pilot Standards MCC, APS MCC is a new course, introduced by EASA in mid 2018. Fundamentally it was pushed by a single airline who sought to ‘encourage’ prospective commercial airline pilots to obtain further training before undertaking a type rating - a type rating that may/could have reduced training hours due to the APS MCC qualification, funded by the prospective commercial airline pilot and not the airline. After the APS MCC was approved there was no credit offered against type ratings.

At CRM Aviation we believe in offering our customers a great value for money course, run by industry leading highly experienced professionals – a theory that has stood us in very good stead for the past 8 years, seeing over 130 JOC/MCC customers each year. The majority of our customers, military and civilian, have gone on to secure jobs with a broad selection of carriers, worldwide.

Under the current recruiting market there is NOT one airline that is requesting applicants to have completed an APS MCC, it is only Ryanair that have said they would look ‘preferentially’ at APS MCC applicants, yet we have many of our customers with our JOC/MCC qualification and other MCC schools customers securing positions, principally because they are the right candidate, trained professionally and have been encouraged to put effort in and work hard to prepare for their interviews and assessments. Our JOC/MCC customers, have on occasions been paired with a UK APS candidate, and succeeded, when the APS candidate had not.

By EASA definition the MCC course is a ‘non-technical course’. This course is designed to teach prospective airline/commercial pilots how to work in a two person cockpit in accordance with a set of standard operating procedures and aircrew competences. The JOC element, unregulated is left up to the ATO to design as the most appropriate package to introduce and ‘orientate’ multi engine propeller operations to turbo fan operations with high altitude, swept wing dynamics and complex jet systems operations, together with an introduction to line flying exercises.

We at CRM Aviation, therefore stand by the excellent Combined JOC/MCC course that we have designed, own and offer which is very clearly seen as a market leading course, accepted by ALL recruiting carriers. Our aim is to ensure that prospective customers are not ‘marketing lead’ down this APS MCC route without firm knowledge of its current position within the recruiting market. There is such a vast difference in price, in some cases over £5000, that it is something to seriously consider. Work extremely hard during your JOC/MCC and that will cost you nothing! You could then spend a proportionally small amount of that saving on a sim refresher for 2 hours in a chosen 'type orientated' device.

We would like to thank all of those ‘enquirers’ that have brought these questions/situation to our attention and we thank you for your bookings with us for our Combined JOC/MCC course.





+ 20/01/2020 - We are delighted to welcome David Simkin into our Advanced UPRT - A instructional team at CRM Aviation. Nick is ex RAF Fast Jet and currently a TRI/TRE on A320                                and Boeing  777/787. Further information on Nick can be found here - Instructors


+ 30/12/2019 - We are delighted to welcome Nick Horlock into our MCC instructional team at CRM Aviation. Nick is a current Training Captain with TUI on the Boeing 737-800.                                       See our Instructors page for further information. 


+ 04/12/2019 - We are delighted to welcome Mark Blois-Brooke as he joins CRM Aviation as a Jet Orientation Instructor. Mark, formally Chief Pilot of TAG Aviation brings a huge                                     wealth of knowledge to CRM Aviation, See our Instructors page for further information. 


+ 23/10/2019 - We are delighted to confirm that CRM Aviation is now ELCAS approved to deliver Advanced UPRT - Aeroplane courses to all military personnel. Another first from                                  CRM Aviation!

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