Captain Pete Legg - Head of Training - HoT                                      Call Sign - 'Leggy Berry'


Pete joined the Royal Air Force aged 19. He has a vast experience on Fast Jet aircraft including the F4 Phantom, F14 Tomcat and Tornado F2/3. Pete was selected for training as a Qualified Weapons Instructor during his first operational tour. He also commanded the QWI School after his return from flying the F14 Tomcat on a US exchange tour. Achieving his goal of commanding his own Tornado F3 Squadron Pete left the RAF.

Pete spent 20 years with Virgin Atlantic flying the Boeing 747-200, 747-400 and Boeing 787.

Petes is a highly experienced instructor who has delivered Human Factors and CRM training for over 15 years. He is passionate about CRM and takes pride in passing his vast knowledge to all CRM Aviation's customers. Pete is a 'demon cake maker' and is often referred to as 'Head of Baking' at CRM.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 2 years


Phil Wignall - Chief Flying Instructor                                                              Call Sign - 'Kojak'


 Phill is our Chief Flying Instructor.

Before joining the RAF, Phil gained his pilot's licence in 1984 at the age of 17 through a Royal Navy Special Flying Award. Since then he has flown over 21,000 hours.

Phil joined British Airways in 2000 and has gained experience in short and long-hail operations flying the RJ100, Boeing 777 and A320. He is currently a Captain on the mighty A380.

Prior to joining British Airways, Phil was Assistant Head of Training at an ATO that provided training and examining for CPL's, IR's and FIC. 

Phil is an enthusiastic aviator, who enjoys both fixed wing and rotary flying and holds serval instructor and examiner ratings for single and multi-engine aircraft.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 1 year


Captain Martin Whitehead                                                                         Call Sign - 'Breitling'


Martin is an APS MCC Instructor.

Martin started his career with British Midland on the Fokker 100. After leaving BMi Martin joined Virgin Atlantic on the mighty Boeing 747 as a Senior First Officer. Now with over 15000 hours Martin is a Training Captain TRi/TRe with Virgin Atlantic on the Boeing 787.

Martin is passionate about CRM and passing his vast knowledge on to all CRM Aviation customers.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 6 years



Captain Geoff Linaker                                                                                       Call Sign 'Sywell'


Geoff is an APS MCC Instructor.

Geoff has a vast experience within commercial aviation, not only as a commercial pilot, but also within airline management.

Geoff started his career with British Midland and flew the Boeing 737, working his way up to TRi/E, then onto Director of Flight Operations for British Midland.

Geoff joined Etihad after leaving British Midland and flew the A330, A340 and the mighty A380. Geoff holds a TRi/E on the A380. Geoff was Director of Flight Operations for Etihad, before joining CRM Aviation.

Geoff has amassed over 18000 hours and is vastly experienced in the field of multi crew training and airline management.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 5 years


Captain Andrew Balfour                                                                               Call Sign 'Cartman'


Andrew is an APS MCC and UPRT Instructor.

Andrew's background wasn't in flying initially, but in engineering. However, the flying bug bit during the early 90's, and by the mid 90's he was instructing at a commercial ATO, then subsequently became Head of Training. Andrew then joined NetJets and has flown the Hawker 800XP and now commands the Global 6000.

Andrew has maintained his instructor ratings and examiner authorisations both with EASA and UK CAA, being an IRE and FE. Andrew has a particular affinity with the modular training route to commercial flying. Andrew's background in the corporate world brings an exciting dynamic to the APS MCC and UPRT courses that we offer.


Length of service with CRM Aviation - 1 year.


Captain Berny Alldred                                                                                           Call Sign - 'Jet'


Berny is an APS MCC Instructor.

Berny, started commercial aviation through the modular training route, then went on to flying instruction before landing his first FO role with Indigo Airlines, in India. After Indigo, Berny, secured an FO role with EasyJet, where he spent 2 years on the A320. Berny, is now a Training Captain with British Airways on the Airbus 320.

Berny, is extremely enthusiastic about the modular training route and has a passion to pass on his career experience.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 5 years


Captain Peter Sneller                                                                                     Call Sign - 'Pilates'


Peter is an APS MCC Instructor.

Peter started his career within the oil industry, but the 'pull' of aviation was far too strong! Peter joined British Midland. After a long service period at BMi Peter, moved across to British Airways and is currently a Captain on the Airbus 319/320/321.

Peter has a strong passion for human factors and is dedicated  to offering the best, most realistic CRM training and experience.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 4 years


Captain Nick Horlock                                                                                             Call Sign 'TBA'


Nick is an APS MCC Instructor.

Nick, started his civilian commercial flying career with Virgin Atlantic, on the mighty Boeing 747-400. After Virgin, he joined easyJet and held a Command position. Nick, now works for TUI as a Line Training Captain on the Boeing 737-800.

Nick, has flown a variety of civilian aircraft ranging from A319, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 777-300ER to Boeing 747-400 and has over 18000 hours total time to his name.

Nick, is an experienced trainer, not only holding civilian training positions but also A2 QFI Instructor and Examiner positions in the Royal Air Force.

Nick, is very passionate about the non technical element of Crew Resource Management and brings a wealth of knowledge to our instructional team.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 4 years


Captain Pete Shawe                                                                                       Call Sign - 'Shaggy'

Pete Shawe

Pete is an APS MCC instructor.

Initially qualifying as a RAF engineer, Pete joined Hunting Cargo on the Boeing 727 operating night freight flights as his first venture into commercial aviation. It was then onto Virgin Atlantic on the Boeing 747 as a First Officer. Command came after that and then a transfer to the Boeing 787 with Virgin Atlantic.

Pete has over 20,000 hours and is an FE and ME/IR examiner for the UK CAA and EASA

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 2 years


John Ware                                                                                                       Call Sign - 'English'


John is a UPRT Instructor.

John began flying with the Air Cadets and was subsequently awarded a RAF Flying Scholarship. He continued flying with the University Air Squadron while completing his Aeronautical Engineering degree and subsequently joined British Airways on their cadet scheme. He flew as a First Officer on the Boeing 737, Airbus 320 and Boeing 777. He has held commands on the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320. He returned to long haul flying in 2016 as a Captain on the Boeing 747-400. John is now a Captain on the Boeing 787.

He has held an instructor rating for many years and has been flying aerobatics and formation regularly since 2006, mainly on the CJ-6, Yak-52 and CRM Aviation T67's.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 8 years


Dave Best  OBE                                                                                                Call Sign - 'Bestie'


Dave is a UPRT Instructor. Dave is also an EASA qualified Experimental Test Pilot and Flight Test Instructor.  He is also an EASA approved Compliance Verification Engineer.

Dave is a previous UK MOD Chief Test Pilot and a former commander of the Empire Test Pilots School (ETPS) at RAF Boscombe Down. Following a 33 year Royal Air Force career, Dave is still actively engaged in certification activities as well as providing test flying instruction at ETPS.  Dave has flown over 90 types of aircraft, has extensive experience of testing aircraft and systems at the limits of their designs and has many years of experience of teaching others how to do this safely.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 5 years


Sam Whatmough                                                                                               Call Sign - 'Reno'


Sam is a UPRT Instructor.

Sam started his aviation career with British Airways on the Boeing 737. After cutting his teeth on Boeing's finest he went on to fly and become a TRi/E on all of British Airways' current Boeing and Airbus fleet of aircraft. Sam is currently a Training Standards Captain on the Airbus 380.

Sam's passion for aviation has led him to fly off water on floats, snow on skis, air race at Reno, successfully compete at aerobatics, display at air shows and tow banners!

Whilst he loves flying historic aircraft his pride and joy is an ultra modern Vans RV8.

Length of service with CRM Aviation -  3 years 


Nigel Rhind                                                                                                        Call Sign - 'Rhino'


Nigel is a UPRT Instructor.

Nigel started his career in the Navy as a submariner. He left the Navy and joined British Airways where he has flown short and long haul from the Boeing 737, Airbus 320 to Boeing 747 and Boeing 777. He is currently a Captain on the Boeing 777 as well as holding a FI(A) and FE(E) ratings. Nigel is a keen general aviator and has owned and flown Yaks as well as his current pride and joy, a Vans RV8.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 6 years


Susie Howarth                                                                                                Call Sign - 'Ariston'


Susie is a UPRT Instructor.

Susie started her commercial flying career as Cabin Crew with Monarch, before moving on to British Airways, working her way up to fly on the mighty Concorde for 5 years. After leaving British Airways Susie, gained her Flight Instructor and Flight Examiner ratings, then moved to Cobham for special missions flying on the Dornier 228.

After leaving Cobham Susie joined Flybe to fly the Dash Q400, then moved onto Gama Aviation. She is a Captain and has amassed over 8000 flight hours. Susie is a highly experienced instructor and commercial pilot.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 4 years


Steve Iwanek                                                                                                 Call Sign - 'Nik-Nak'


Steve is a UPRT Instructor.

Steve joined the Royal Air Force in 2009 and flew the Eurofighter Typhoon on operational exercises all over the world with 3 (Fighter) Squadron, before becoming a Qualified Flying Instructor and training new Typhoon pilots on the Operational Conversion Unit at RAF Coningsby. Steve has now taken up a role with TUI flying the Boeing 737.

Steve is aware of many unusual attitudes, although very usual to him. He is an experienced instructor keen to pass his knowledge on to others.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 1 year


Paul Revell                                                                                                          Call Sign - 'Airfix'


Paul is a UPRT Instructor.

Paul joined the Royal Air Force as a graduate and flew the Buccaneer before a tour as a Central Flying School A2 Qualified Flying Instructor. After leaving the Royal Air Force, Paul moved into civil aviation, joining British Airways. 

After a 30 year long career at British Airways that saw Paul flying numerous Boeing types, including 20 years on the 747-400 as a TRi/TRe. After the Jumbo, Paul moved to the Boeing 777 as a TRi before transferring onto the 787.

With over 21,000 flying hours, Paul's experience is vast and he is keen to pass his experiences on to industry new comers.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 3 years


Mark Levy                                                                                                          Call Sign - 'Pickle'


Mark is a UPRT Instructor.

Mark left school to become an Air Traffic Controller, which, at the time, included training for the issue of a PPL. Whilst working as an ATCO at Glasgow airport he became a part time flying instructor, finally moving permanently to the other side of the microphone when he joined Loganair as an FO on the Shorts 360.

A move to British Airways lead to a further short stint on heavy turboprops before transferring to Heathrow and a succession of Boeing jets followed. Mark has logged 22,000 flying hours and flown 747/757/767/777.  

At heart, Mark has always been a lover of pure flight, and has flown in aerobatic air shows for 30 years in types ranging from Steamans, Yaks and Harvards and now has the great pleasure of taking passengers flying in Spitfires and Mustangs.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 2 years 


Robert Lough                                                                                                   Call Sign - 'Ginger'


Robert is a UPRT  Instructor. 

Robert trained in Canada and flew throughout North America and Europe as commercial instructor.  Robert has 5000 hours under his belt. He has instructed at a major integrated ATO and has flown the Pilatus PC12 commercially. Robert has plenty of time in his two favourite aircraft the Super Cub and Pitts Special. 

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 2 years


Les O'Dea                                                                                              Call Sign - 'Moneypenny'


Les is a UPRT  Instructor. 

Les joined the Royal Airforce aged 19 and then spent the next 33 years as an operationally focused logistician, commanding a number of humanitarian and disaster relief operations as well as operational tours in the Middle East and Afghanistan. He started flying in 1991 and held an ambition to become a Flight Instructor when his service career drew to a close. Les is now a FIC Instructor and Flight Instructor Examiner. 

Flying isn't just a job - he has a share in a light aircraft which he enjoys flying on those rare days off. If he's not doing that, he'll be out in the Chiltern Hills walking with his wife and their Border Collie dog.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - under 1 year


Kevin Beale                                                                                                    Call Sign - 'Pending'


Kevin is a UPRT  Instructor. 

Kevin became a cadet motor glider instructor in 2002, aged 18 and has taught on light aircraft ever since. He completed his Commercial Licence and FI(A) with Oxford Aviation who then sent him to Melbourne, Australia to teach 'upside down' for 3 years. 

In 2015 he qualified as a Commercial Flight Examiner and Instructor Trainer and added an FAA ATPL to his bag of licences. 

His next Boomerang assignment was 'State-side' to manage the MPL and Integrated Training in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Kevin facilitated and supervised the ab-initio training of 2000+ professionals and 200+ Flight Instructors. 

Now a Senior Examiner for the Danish Authority and IRE Kevin brings 20+ years of on aircraft training and testing experience to CRM Aviation!

Length of service with CRM Aviation - under 1 year



Julian Murfitt                                                                                                     Call Sign - 'Tickle'


Julian is a GA UPRT Specialist Instructor.

Julian has been running 'Stall Spin Awareness' courses in our T67's for the past 6 years. Julian is an extremely experienced aerobatic pilot and instructor, having won the British National Advanced Championships, twice, as well as represent the UK twice at World Aerobatic Championships. He has a strong interest in human factors as well as being an extremely engaging person who has a strong passion for aviation and importantly imparting his vast knowledge.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 9 years


Alastair Stevenson                                                                                     Call Sign - 'Silver Fox'


Al is our TEAC English Language Examiner and FIC TKI Instructor

Al took up GA flying as a hobby, but the draw of aviation led him to leave his career as a Hotelier to eventually become a SEP/MEP Instructor and Examiner.

Al loves sharing his knowledge with new pilots - he leads PPL ground school courses at 2 local Universities and also teaches FIC.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 4 years


Adam Lewis                                                                                                Call Sign - 'Spanners'


Adam is our on site aircraft engineer.

Adam is a highly experienced aircraft engineer, aerobatic pilot and skydiver. Adam has worked on many aircraft from light transport aircraft to state-of-the-art aerobatic aircraft. He is a highly diligent engineer which gives us great confidence with our amazing fleet of T67's.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 6 years

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