Captain Iain Fitzgerald - Head of Training                                       Call Sign - 'Shakesbeard'

Iain's initial training was with the RAF on a UAS. After this he followed the civil route, flying in the USA and spending a short time training on helicopters - flying the iconic Bell 47. In the UK, he joined bmi British Midland, and established a successful tenure as  Training Captain on B737 3/4/500.

Iain has been involved in Jet and turboprop operations from the UK to western and eastern Europe, Scandinavia and North Africa - both scheduled and charter. In addition he has carried out type-rating training on the B737 for British Midland and GeCat, JOC training and pilot assessment for GeCat, MCC and JOC for OATS, B737 familiarisation for IAGO UK and CRM facilitation for British Midland. Iain has vast experience training and assessing pilots from many countries. With over 10000 flight hours he is a real asset to the CRM Aviation instructor team.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 8 years

Captain Peter Sneller                                                                                 Call Sign - 'Shiney'

Peter started his career within the oil industry, but the 'pull' of aviation was far too strong! Peter joined British Midland. After a long service period at BMi Peter, moved across to British Airways and is currently a Captain on the Airbus 319/320/321.

Peter has a strong passion for human factors and is dedicated  to offering the best, most realistic CRM training and experience.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - under 1 year

Captain Mel Jenkins                                                                               Call Sign - 'Sing Song'

Mel started his aviation career in Air Traffic Control before joining the RAF. After initial flight training he completed the flying instructor course at Central Flying School and then progressed to instruct Fleet Air Arm pilots on the Jet Provost. Mel, thereafter flew the Nimrod operationally before returning to CFS, initially as a staff instructor, then a training manager and finally an examiner.

After leaving the RAF Mel joined bmi and remained with the company for 25 years gaining a B737 TRE qualification and a number of managerial positions along the way. After leaving bmi, Mel joined Oxford Air Training as an MCC instructor and was appointed Jet Simulator Manager within a few months. During his 17,000 hours of flying, Mel's passion for training has never waned and he applies this experience to create scenarios that highlight the value of using MCC core skills in airline operations.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 8 years

Captain Peter Medhurst                                                                               Call Sign - 'Vulcan'

Peter, started his aviation career in the Royal Air Force on the mighty Vulcan. Peter, was an 'A' class QFi TRi/E and served for 3 years in Kuwait, assisting the Kuwait Air Force before returning to the UK to take up a role as a staff instructor at Central Flying School, RAF Cranwell.

After leaving the RAF Peter, joined British Airways on the Boeing 747/400, where he amassed 13500 hours on type. Peter, finished with British Airways as a senior Captain on the 747/400. Peter, then moved to Singapore Airlines as a Captain on the Boeing 777/787 as well as the senior facilitator for CRM courses at Singapore Airlines. Peter is also a current TRi on the 737-800 for Ryanair!

Peter, has a strong passion for the CRM aspects of commercial aviation.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 2 years

Captain Andrew McNeile                                                                         Call Sign 'Snowbird'

Andrew, joined the RAF in 1962, avoiding V bombers by joining the transport force on Beverley's! At the tender age of 22, he became the youngest Captain since WWII and went on to CFS and ultimately Jet QFI. Andrew joined SAAF where he instructed on Dakotas before returning to the RAF as a jet QFI with accelarated promotion by becoming an A.D.C.  His final post was as Squadron Commander of Gnat squadron at a fast jet training FTS.

Andrew, joined the world of Commercial Aviation with Britannia Airways, where he quickly gained command and established a successful 20 year tenure, becoming TRE ground and air.  He was later asked to join EasyJet and served for 10 years as a TRE.

Andrew, claims to maintain his sanity by being a current IRE and continuing his work as a CRE/ IRE. With his 27,000 hours experience, he is a huge advocate of the MCC Course and the incredible value of CRM to every pilot working in a multi crew environment.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 9 years

Captain Barney Reichman                                                                    Call Sign - 'Dead Stick'

Having qualified as a flying intsructor in 1973, Barney, spent a short time instructing private pilots at the London School of Flying. Leaving the UK for sunnier climes, he continued to fly as a commercial pilot and flying instructor on a variety of light twins and single engined aeroplanes both as trainer and examiner in Southern Africa.

Barney returned to the UK to join British Midland where he flew most types including the 737, FKR 100 and Airbus -  retiring as a Senior Training Captain with over 16,000 hours. He continued his passion for aviation training within the corporate sector before joining us at CRM Aviation.

Barney has a very positive personal CRM story to share with all students, emphasising the importance of best practice in multi crew aircraft.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 8 years

Captain Pete Barber                                                                               Call Sign - 'Cheap Jet'

Pete, started his professional flying career as a modular student and moved on to flight instruction before taking up a position with Orion Airways flying the B737 and A320.

Pete, moved on to British Midland, based out of Heathrow, and worked his way to training Captain, TRE/TRI, where he spent 18 years on the B737 and A320.

Pete, has just finished his commercial career as a British Airways A320 Captain and has clocked up some 22,000 hours. He is a strong believer in the modular route to a professional flying career.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 6 years

Captain Robin Stibbon                                                                          Call Sign - 'Bridgeman'

Robin Stibbon

Robin, began his commercial flying career with Loganair.

After Loganair he joined British Caledonian as an FO on the BAC1-11. Soon after this British Airways took over and he changed to the Boeing 737 which operated out of Gatwick. In 1992 he moved on to the Boeing 757/767 fleet based at Heathrow. Robin, finished his commercial flying career as a Senior Captain with British Airways on the Boeing 767.

Robin is a firm believer in the modular training route and after over 18500 hours of flying has plenty of wise experience to pass onto new industry comers.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 2 years

Captain Martin Whitehead                                                                         Call Sign - 'Breitling'

Martin Whitehead

Martin started his career with British Midland on the Fokker 100. After leaving BMi Martin joined Virgin Atlantic on the mighty Boeing 747 as a Senior First Officer. Now with over 13000 hours Martin is an experienced Captain with Virgin Atlantic on the Boeing 787 and holds a TRi.

Martin is passionate about CRM and passing his vast knowledge on to all CRM Aviation customers.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 1 year

Captain Mark McCarthy                                                                         Call Sign - 'Peregrine'

Mark McCarthy

Mark, is a dedicated JOC specialist. Some 20 years since he first took to the skies on an RAF UAS, Mark, has since amassed considerable Regional Airline and Corporate Jet experience with Loganair and Netjets, where Mark, is presently a Captain.

As a CRM instructor, Mark, is especially interested in the Human Factors side of aviation. Whenever appropriate, he will endeavour to introduce good CRM principles and provide feedback on this crucial ingredient for that all important airline simulator assessment.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 5 years

Captain Berny Alldred                                                                                        Call Sign - 'Jet'

Berny Alldred

Berny, is a dedicated JOC specialist. He started commercial aviation through the modular training route, then went on to flying instruction before landing his first FO role with Indigo Airlines, in India. After Indigo, Berny, secured an FO role with EasyJet, where he spent 2 years on the A320. Berny, is now a Training Captain with British Airways on the Airbus 320.

Berny, is extremely enthusiastic about the modular training route and has a passion to pass on his career experience.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 2 years

Captain Kathy McDonald                                                                                Call Sign - 'Delia'

CRM Logo

Kathy is a dedicated JOCi specialist. She is currently a Boeing 777 Captain based at Heathrow for British Airways.

Length of service with CRM Aviation - 2 years

Julian Murfitt                                                                                                    Call Sign - 'Tickle'

Julian Murfitt

Julian is a UPRT-A instructor with CRM Aviation.

Julian has been running 'Stall Spin Awareness' courses in our T67's for the past 4 years. Julian is an extremely experienced aerobatic pilot having won the British National Advanced Championships twice. He is an extremely engaging person that has a strong passion for aviation and importantly imparting his vast knowledge to our customers.

Mike Collett                                                                                                      Call Sign - 'Wheel'

CRM Logo

Mike is a UPRT-A instructor with CRM Aviation

Mike is a commercial pilot and flew the Boeing 737-8 for 6 years. Mike now flies the Falcon 7X for a owner client. He is an extremely experienced aerobatic pilot having competed in Advanced level competitions not only in the UK but for Team GBR at international level. Mike is a passionate aviator keen to keep all commercial pilots stay on the right side of lift!

Phil Millward                                                                                                     Call Sign- 'China'

Phil Millward

Phil is a UPRT-A instructor for CRM Aviation.

Phil has had a distinguished career in the Royal Air Force seeing active duty and also undertaking the role of a CFS examiner. He has flown the Tucano, Hawk and Tornado but now flies the Boeing 737-8. He is an enthusiastic instructor who has huge amounts of experience at all unusual attitudes.

Our students have successfully achieved First Officer positions with the following carriers

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