Slingsby Firefly T67

As the worlds largest operator of T67 Firefly aircraft we are proud to deliver UPRT-A courses upon these platforms.

These aircraft are the perfect platform to deliver the required competences of Advanced UPRT-A. Why?;

+ Side by side seating - a great teaching environment and reflects 99.9% of commercial aircraft layouts
+ Semi symmetrical wing sections - indicative of commercial aircraft
+ Not 'over dynamic' - commercial aircraft aren't dynamic
+ Realistic roll rate - no commercial aircraft roll at 200+ degrees per second
+ Flaps - lifting and drag devices to reflect and demonstrate changes in handling like commercial aircraft
+ EFIS - Garmin G5 EFIS units to reflect modern commercial aircraft EFIS presentations

As the world's largest Advanced UPRT training organisation we are also very proud to have highly experienced instructors delivering our well developed course in accordance with regulatory requirements and all to a high set of standard operating procedures. Our instructors are Airbus 320, 350, 380, Boeing 737, 777, 787 rated with RAF fast jet and significant aerobatic instructional experience, as well as compliant with FCL.915(e).
Our Instructors


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