Advanced UPRT - Aeroplane - £1995

Not only are we the world's largest and most advanced UPRT specialists, with the largest UPRT aircraft training fleet, but, we are in a totally unique position to be able to offer, and solely specialise in, APSMCC and UPRT-Aeroplane, all under one roof, all owned and operated by us.

Our Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Training Course, in compliance with FCL.745.A, for both UK CAA and EASA licence holders covering the following theoretical and practical elements;

(1) - 5 hours theoretical knowledge instruction.
(2) - full comprehensive pre flight and post flight debriefings.
(3) - a minimum of 3 hours of dual flight instruction, embracing multi crew concepts, with an instructor qualified in          accordance with FCL.915 (e) and consisting of Advanced UPRT, in an aeroplane qualified and appropriate for             the training task.

Our UPRT training course is delivered in our fleet of 6 Slingsby Firefly T67. All of our UPRT instructors are Airbus 320, 350, 380, Boeing 737, 787, 777 rated with military and significant aerobatic instructional experience. 

Regulatory information on UPRT training,  Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane can be found here - UPRT-A. It is worth noting that pilots holding an Aerobatic Rating, or have aerobatic experience, WILL NOT be exempt from the Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Course. No exemption has been granted for military pilots, so it is mandatory that the Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Course will be required for all military pilots transitioning to a civilian licence. There is no such thing as an abridging course for military pilots - the full course must be completed.

We offer a our 'First Officer Ready Programme™' that will cover all needs prior to application of a multi-crew position.

If you would like advice on this UPRT training course then please do not hesitate to call us, we are happy to answer any regulatory or syllabus questions you may have.

Please note that there are personal limitations for undertaking our Advanced UPRT-A course:

Maximum weight - 17 stone 3 lbs or 110KGS 
Maximum hip size - 45 inches or 114 cm
Maximum height - 6 feet 5 inches or 1.95 metres

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