Combined UPRT-A/MCC/JOC Course - £5150

This new combined course has been launched to cater for the new regulations of Upset Prevention & Recovery Training - Aeroplane (UPRT-Aeroplane). From December 2019 it is a mandatory requirement that an Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane course is completed prior to commencing an initial multi-crew type rating.

CRM Aviation are the only Approved modular UK CAA Training Organisation in the UK to be able to offer everything in house, with all of our own equipment. We have therefore developed this program to meet the current needs.

Individual course details can be found here;

             + Combined MCC/JOC Course
             + UPRT-Aeroplane Course

The format for the course will be to start on a Monday morning, 0800 report, the day before the Combined MCC/JOC starts. On the Monday morning you will complete all of the ground school element of Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane together with Flight exercise 1 in our Slingsby T67 Firefly's. From the Tuesday onwards you will complete the MCC/JOC ground school. For the following week, Monday to Friday you will complete your MCC  simulator sessions. Booked around these simulator sessions, and typically during the mid weekend period, you will undertake the additional required flight exercise 2 & 3 in our Slingsby T67 Firefly's to complete your Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane qualification. 

Accommodation Package Option

We are able to offer an 'all in' package for the combined course of UPRT-Aeroplane, MCC/JOC Course, 12 nights bed and breakfast accommodation, starting the Sunday night (no check in permitted before 1800 that day) before your course starts, in a very good quality guest house, as well as chauffer collection if you fly in to London Heathrow for an inclusive price of £5995. The accommodation is a good quality independent guest house, close to us. You will have your own room in our accommodation - it is not a shared room. Evening meals are also available at very reasonable rates. For details of the accommodation package see here - Accommodation Package

Another question you may have;

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