Flight Simulator

For our JOC/MCC courses we are proud to deliver these in our Bombardier CRJ twin engine turbofan, swept wing commercial jet aircraft.

This device is a great tool to extract all of the regulatory competences, as well as our own 9 pilot competences, required for the challenge of learning how to work on a multi crew flight deck.

Our Bombardier CRJ device has the following features;

+ Swept wing with flaps, slats and spoilers
+ Full EFIS flight deck
+ Rockwell Collins FMS with two MCDU's
+ GPWS terrain and flap
+ Weather radar
+ Steering tillers
+ Stick shaker & pushers
+ Pushback facility
+ 210 degrees of high fidelity visuals

All course material, including the QRH and checklists are specifically designed for the JOC/MCC course and follow all of the logic paths of the Bombardier CRJ.


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