Our simulator is a state-of-the-art 21st century, full EFIS/glass cockpit Alsim ALX. One of the finest platforms for teaching and learning multi crew operations.

Our serviceability record throughout 2017 meant less than 10 minutes of downtime for our customers - and with our high quality control standards we expect no greater throughout 2018!

Our simulator is the perfect platform for MCC Course delivery, being rather unique compared to the simulators utilised by many other MCC course providers.  The flight deck of some other simulator's may show little resemblance to those seen on modern 21st century commercial jet aircraft. For others, whilst being more contemporary, they are intended primarily for type rating and revalidation purposes and are therefore too complex in their operation to be an effective tool for the EASA defined `non-technical` MCC course.  The simulator complexity can detract students from learning and developing their core MCC Skills, making it difficult for them to concentrate on developing their multi-crew communication and decision making skills.

The focus of all airline recruitment simulator assessments will be on your CRM skills - and not your familiarity with the type of aeroplane the simulator is representing - that's what a type rating is for!  Our Simulator provides the right learning environment to help prepare you both for Multi-Crew pilot flying but also for your future assessments. Our highly experienced instructors are that key ingredient to ensure the simulator is used correctly for teaching of MCC skills.

The ALX is configured as a complex jet and is fitted with a full Airbus A320 overhead panel and associated systems. It has 210 degress of high quality wrap around visual graphics. These graphics and flight dynamics are so advanced that once on the flight deck you will believe that you really are airborne! Weather dynamics are extremely realistic enabling us to create multiple cloud levels and types, rain, hail or snow. Night or day operations. Turbulence levels, wind shear and icing.

We are also able to simulate any possible failure in a modern jet, giving you the learning exposure required prior to a type rating. We have also fitted some very exciting features that will keep your attention during a sim session!

+ Full EFIS
+ Airbus A320 O/H Panel with complex systems
+ Fully functioning Autopilot with LNAV & VNAV
+ Flight Director
+ FMS with twin CDU’s
+ Twin Garmin 430's

Our Alsim ALX is THE perfect platform for MCC Course delivery.

Our students have successfully achieved First Officer positions with the following carriers

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