Student Feedback

"Very friendly"

By far the best part is the staff. Everyone is very friendly and clearly happy to work here!    
First Officer Ready Course, Yorkshire

"Mandy was exceptional"

CRM has been brilliant! The instructors are absolutely amazing, really knowledgeable and incredibly professional with exemplary experience. Mandy was exceptional at organising activities and had the warmest smile to walk in and see. Everyone was super welcoming and I absolutely loved my time here! Thank you for all of the great hosting and teaching of skills, both technical and non-technical. Hope to see you all again one day.    
First Officer Ready Course, Middlesex

"Staff are Amazing"

Without doubt one of the best courses I have ever completed! Staff are amazing and recognise your weaknesses and address them. The debriefings are given in a way that address issues but make you feel confident you can overcome them. Many thanks!   
APS MCC Course, Worcestershire

"Engaging and Professional"

Flying the simulator has always been an enjoyable experience. Teaching parts of the course has been engaging and I have learnt a lot, especially from Pete Legg.   
APS MCC Course, Middlesex

"Friendly Instructors"

The instructors are very friendly and approachable. Overall experience exceeded my expectations.  
APS MCC Course, Middlesex

"Hugely Experienced Instructors"

The level of instructor experience is huge. Their teaching skills and methods are first class. I wholly recommend. Thanks. 
MCC Instructor Course, Lincolnshire

"Thoroughly Enjoyed"

The instructors are wonderful! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Great to have a variety of instructors throughout my course making it possible to learn from different viewpoints on how to achieve the same outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course.
First Officer Ready Course, Kent

"Interactive Ground School"

A first class experience from day one! Interactive ground school was a good base to start sim training sessions. The instructors were excellent and knew how to encourage and push you hard but with the greatest support. .
First Officer Ready Course, Yorkshire

"Fantastic Instruction"

Excellent course with fantastic instruction. I never thought I'd learn so much in such a short space of time.
First Officer Ready Course, Yorkshire

"Good Detail"

Everything was excellent. I benefitted from multiple instructors who all added contact and experience to the course. The pre course document resources provided good detail and enabled me to get ahead on the learning curve.
APS MCC Course, London

"The Best Course"

All positive - this is the best course I have completed as part of my flight training. Very good value for money and the professionalism and friendliness of the instructors and other staff stood out to me. It was definitely a step up and learning curve but one I enjoyed more than I ever thought I would, albeit harder than I thought.
APS MCC Course, Devon

"Recommend Wholeheartedly"

A phenomenal course that was well worth the money! I would recommend wholeheartedly. This has been the best aviation training I've had, it was consistent and very professional.
APS MCC Course, Leicestershire

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