Student Feedback


"Very Good"

Experienced trainers and instructors who were helpful and friendly giving good feedback. I've learned a lot and found the course very good.
JOC/MCC Student, Buckinghamshire, 16/03/18

"Quality Instructors"

The quality of instructors was brilliant. I took a lot away from this course and really enjoyed it.
JOC/MCC Student, Avon, 16/03/18


A good course structure and organisation. Excellent time.
MCC Student, Finland, 16/03/18


A hard paced course, very friendly and credible instructors. I learned a great deal about the multi crew environment and would recommend the course at CRM Aviation to others.
MCC Student, London, 16/03/18

"Real World Experience"

The real world experience of the instructors gave valuable background stories and advice as I have no experience outside of single pilot ops. Performance and handling of the simulator at high altitudes was very informative.
JOC/MCC Student, Belfast, 16/03/18

"First Class Instructors"

Very good course. Appreciate the knowledge and experience from the first class instructors.
JOC/MCC Student, Tyne & Wear, 19/01/18

"Knowledgeable Staff"

Excellent instruction by very knowledgeable staff at CRM.
JOC/MCC Student, Hertfordshire, 19/01/18

"Wealth of Knowledge"

More enjoyable than I expected and learned a lot! Simulator is the best I've come across so far. Instructors have a wealth of experience and knowledge.
JOC/MCC Student, Bedfordshire, 19/01/18

"Well Structured"

Impressive experience from the instructors with plenty of relevant true life story to tell. The course is well structured and organised.
MCC Student, France, 19/01/18

"Confidence Building"

The sim sessions were a great confidence building. Well structured course with great instruction.
JOC/MCC Student, Middlesex, 19/01/18


Very good course. Instructors are very professional.
JOC/MCC Student, Finland, 19/01/18

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