Student Feedback

"Huge Learning Curve"

A great course and a huge learning curve. The instructor Peter Medhurst was brilliant. His instructing was tailored to each individual pilot. I am very pleased I chose CRM Aviation, thank you! 
JOC/MCC Student, Yorkshire, 28/06/19

"Experienced Instructors"

It was a very informative course and I learned a lot about the airline business as well. The course was delivered by excellent instructors who helped me improve my knowledge about the multi crew environment. Thank you. 
JOC/MCC Student, Costa Rica, 28/06/19

"Steep Learning Curve"

The course was very effective. It was a steep learning curve but not to fast at all. Excellent instructors and sim. 
JOC/MCC Student, Cambridgeshire, 28/06/19

"Excellent Training"

I found the course very good with lots of information and excellent training. The instructors are experienced and excellent at training. 
JOC/MCC Student, London, 28/06/19

"Best Training"

Very friendly instructors with vast experience in the airlines and as CRM instructors. No-nonsense organisation focussed entirely on achieving the very best training for the students. Value for money. Thank you Rob, Martin, Robin and the whole team. 
JOC/MCC Student, Gloucestershire, 14/06/19

"First Class Instructors"

The simulator is perfect for the multi crew training aspects. I felt that he course was perfectly pitched and the instructors are first class. I definitely made the right decision in choosing CRM Aviation for my JOC/MCC training 
JOC/MCC Student, Yorkshire, 14/06/19

"Excellent Facilities"

The simulator is good and the instructors are excellent  with excellent facilities at CRM Aviation 
JOC/MCC Student, Wiltshire, 14/06/19

"Very Enjoyable"

What an excellent course, very enjoyable and perfect sim! 
JOC/MCC Student, Cambridgeshire, 14/06/19


No constructive feedback, just an excellent course! 
MCC Student, Surrey, 14/06/19

"Absolutely Excellent"

The instructors at CRM are all absolutely excellent. I have greatly enjoyed working with them all. 
JOC/MCC Student, Yorkshire, 31/05/19


An excellent course, superlative instructors with immense experience in all aspects of the industry. Professional yet relaxed environment makes for enjoyable sessions. Peter and Geoff were easily some of the best instructors I have encountered.
JOC/MCC Student, Oxfordshire, 31/05/19


An excellent course, thank you! The instructors were excellent.
JOC/MCC Student, Italy, 31/05/19

"Highly Interactive"

Both classroom and simulator aspects of the course were excellent. The course was highly interactive enabling students to learn from each other as well as the vastly experienced instructors. All instruction was very well delivered with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.
MCC Student, Oxfordshire, 31/05/19

"Excellent Course"

Very happy with the excellent course.
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 31/05/19

"Friendly Staff"

Very friendly staff who are professional as well. I would recommend CRM Aviation to anyone!
JOC/MCC Student, Hampshire, 17/05/19

"Instructors Great"

The instructors are great. The course exceeded my expectations. Smoke machine was great too!
JOC/MCC Student, Wales, 17/05/19

"Best Part"

The instructors are experienced, polite and full of knowledge. I had a great experience and was the best part of my flight training.
JOC/MCC Student, Lancashire, 17/05/19

"Well Structured"

The sim training is well structured and delivered to the right pace and difficulty level. A very friendly atmosphere.
JOC/MCC Student, London, 17/05/19

"Calibre of Instruction"

The calibre of instruction is fantastic and their past experiences give life to the students. The simulator works very well. LOFT lessons in the sim offer a real insight into what to expect during line training. The report times work very well and enable a good amount of study time in between lessons.
JOC/MCC Student, Lancashire, 26/04/19

"Good Instructor"

The sim instructor was very experienced and good. We got very many tips for future when working in an airline.
JOC/MCC Student, Finland, 26/04/19


I had a really great experience and positively surprised about the professionalism of all the staff and the very good organisation and schedule. I feel now much more confident in applying at an airline.
JOC/MCC Student, Italy, 26/04/19

"Absolutely Delighted"

I am absolutely delighted with how the course was run and conducted. Thank you!
MCC Student, Surrey, 26/04/19


The sim phase was excellent all round.
JOC/MCC Student, Norfolk, 26/04/19

"Very Positive"

The instructors are very positive and professional. I would highly recommend this course. I have learned a lot from the course. Thank you CRM Aviation!
MCC Student, Essex, 12/04/19

"Excellent Standard"

Excellent standard of instructors with great instructional attitude. A fantastic course and school that I highly recommend.
JOC/MCC Student, Yorkshire, 12/04/19

"Excellent Course"

Excellent instructional level with an excellent price. Being ELCAS registered was a bonus.
MCC Student, Lincolnshire, 12/04/19

"Highly Experienced Instructors"

This is an excellent course that is well constructed and balanced to cover a wide range of students with varying abilities. It is conducted in a relaxed environment with an emphasis of professionalism from dress code to delivery of the syllabus. All instructors are highly experienced and certainly put meat on the bones. I have no hesitation in recommending this company as a great JOC/MCC provider.
JOC/MCC Student, Nottinghamshire, 12/04/19

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