Student Feedback

"Fantastic Course!""

Extremely well run course with great instructors, staff and sim. A perfect course before I start my type rating. Thank you.  
JOC/MCC Student, Cambrisgeshire, 12/10/18


Absolutely brilliant - keep up the good work!  
JOC/MCC Student, Lancashire, 12/10/18

"Excellent Real World Experience"

Not only the instructors are great and experienced, they are also great role players. They played the role of flight attendant, engineers, emergency services and cabin crew. A great real world experience.  
JOC/MCC Student, Germany, 12/10/18

"Great Actors!"

Great experienced instructors who are great actors to play ground crew, cabin crew and ATC. Very real.  
JOC/MCC Student, France, 12/10/18

"Quality Instructors"

Excellent quality of instructors offering a brilliant insight into airline flying and multi crew operations.  
JOC/MCC Student, Isle of Man, 12/10/18


Excellent course. The experience of the instructors was excellent.  
JOC/MCC Student, West Midlands, 12/10/18

"Thoroughly enjoyable course"

An excellent course with much to take away for the future. Please pass on my thanks to all instructors and staff involved. I will definitely be recommending CRM Aviation to friends and colleagues.  
JOC/MCC Student, Lincolnshie, 28/09/18

"Professional Instructors"

Very experienced and professional instructors able to motivate and explain what is to be expected when joining an airline.  
JOC/MCC Student, Finland, 28/09/18


Excellent course that exceeded expectations.  
JOC/MCC Student, Cambridgeshire, 28/09/18


Quality of instruction was excellent.  
JOC/MCC Student, Surrey, 28/09/18

"Wealth of Experience"

My entire experience at CRM Aviation has been thoroughly enjoyable and everyone always had time for you and was eager to help you pass on their wealth of experience.  
JOC/MCC Student, Cambridgeshire, 14/09/18

"Well Oiled Machine"

 A well oiled machine from start to finish. impressed with the highly experienced instructors who all have a real passion to teach and always had time for the students. Communication from Rob throughout backs up the operation along with helpful industry insights from him.  
JOC/MCC Student, Surrey, 14/09/18


The instructors are patient and the course focuses on learning and not passing exams.  
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 14/09/18

"Really Good Teachers"

The course is well organised and  a lot of effort to make sure students get the most out of it. Had the pleasure to have a mix of instructors and all of them were amazing and professional. Really good teachers and do their all best to help for the future job.  
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 14/09/18


Excellent course that exceeded my expectations. Thank you.  
JOC/MCC Student, Shropshire, 14/09/18


Robin was a very knowledgeable instructor. He was comprehensive and covered details above and beyond the course in answering all questions to assist me in meeting my goals. A friendly and professional course.  
JOC/MCC Student, Hertfordshire, 24/08/18

"Perfect Sim"

Peter Medhurst was a very friendly and approachable instructor who clearly took great pleasure in teaching us. He adapted the pace in the sim for our needs to keep the course interesting. The sim is perfect for the MCC course to keep a reduced level of complexity allowing us to focus on the main objectives of MCC.  
JOC/MCC Student, Bristol, 24/08/18

"Quality Briefings"

Pete has been very professional throughout the course. We had quality briefings and simulator sessions. Thank you.  
JOC/MCC Student, Cambridgeshire, 24/08/18

"Great Sim"

Can't really fault it! Great sim, very reliable. Facility all clean and tidy with friendly staff that were professional and extremely knowledgeable. The course was delivered at a perfect pace and pitched at the correct level to bridge the gap between pilot training and type rating. Thank you.  
JOC/MCC Student, Scotland, 24/08/18


Excellent instructors with years of experience. Enjoyable course and instructors were approachable and friendly. Exceeded expectations.  
JOC/MCC Student, Devon, 24/08/18

"Lots of Good Stories"

Great instructors, very helpful and lots of good stories. The flights were well planned for purpose, good cross section of different scenarios. Bonus for the smoke! Thank you to all.  
JOC/MCC Student, Finland, 24/08/18

"Great Instructors"

Excellent professional and friendly staff with great instructors.  
JOC/MCC Student, Finland, 24/08/18

"Really Good"

All the instructors I had were helpful and professional. They offered guidance and reality checks. They were calm and did not make the students stress about irrelevant things. Thank you all for a really good learning experience.  
JOC/MCC/UPRT-A Student, Norway, 27/07/18

"Experienced Instructors"

Incredibly well organised school with experienced instructors. Many thanks to CRM Aviation and Peter for your support and encouragement on the simulator sessions.  
JOC/MCC Student, Sweden, 27/07/18


I had a very good learning experience with CRM Aviation and all the instructors I encountered. A very professional and positive attitude to promote learning. I felt that I progressed further than I expected - in particular many thanks to Mel Jenkins who trained me with patience and professionalism. Mel is very experienced and a huge asset to CRM Aviation - Thanks Mel!  
JOC/MCC Student, Hampshire, 27/07/18

"No improvement suggestions"

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole course. I'd go as far as saying a real surprise in my training. Very insightful and full of valuable training info. Really impressed with Peter Medhurst, enjoyable to listen to and gives great thought provoking feedback. Not sure if I can offer anything to improve on.  
JOC/MCC Student, Cambridgeshire, 13/07/18

"Experienced Instructors"

Very experienced instructors. Great location and great services.  
JOC/MCC Student, Norway, 13/07/18

"Very high standards"

We had Peter as an instructor in the sim. He provided us with great tutoring along the way. Very high standards of training!  
JOC/MCC Student, Norway, 13/07/18


Very well organised. Talented and experienced instructors. I have already recommended CRM Aviation. Thank you! 
JOC/MCC Student, Dorset, 13/07/18


The knowledge and experience of the instructors coupled with broad base aviation knowledge was brilliant. Thank you! 
JOC/MCC Student, Scotland, 13/07/18

"Very Impressed"

I was very impressed with how the instructor and simulator taught me so much about working in a competent crew. Robin had a wealth of knowledge which I am very grateful he imparted. 
JOC/MCC Student, Northamptonshire, 13/07/18

"Excellent Course"

You have very good and experienced instructors that make the course excellent. 
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 22/06/18

"Professional Instructors"

Having former airline Training Captain's is a great benefit to prepare for the airlines. They are professional, helpful and understand what is really needed which gave me the full benefit of the course. 
JOC/MCC Student, Leicestershire, 22/06/18

"Instructors are great"

Instructors are very good and knowledgeable. Facilities are very nice and clean. 
JOC/MCC Student, Surrey, 22/06/18


Great instructors and a nice simulator. 
JOC/MCC Student, Finland, 22/06/18

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