Advanced UPRT - Aeroplane Instructor Course - £4250 + VAT

FCL.915(e) details the requirements for training and approvals of Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Instructors. See the base of this page for full details of FCL.915 (e).

Our course is designed to comprehensively train prospective Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane instructors.

Prior to commencing the Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Instructor Course delegates will be required to;

+ Comply with FCL.915 (b)
+ Hold a minimum of 500 hours total time, of which 200 hours are flight instructional

The course program is as follows;

+ Delegates attend the CRM Aviation Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane course in compliance with FCL.745.A
+ Delegates undertake 'Train the Trainer' ground school with the CRM Aviation Chief Advanced UPRT Instructor
+ Delegates undertake 4 flights of 1.5 hour duration in the Slingsby Firefly T67, learning to deliver the flight                  exercises in accordance with AMC1.FCL.745.A, by give and give back techniques with the Chief UPRT Instructor
+ Delegates undertake 1 flight of 1.0 hour duration in the Extra 300L, undertaking exposure to FCL.915 (e) (e) (4) (i,       ii, iii, iv)
+ Flight 4 in the T67 Firefly will be a general assessment of competence with the Chief UPRT-A Instructor to deliver      Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane in accordance with FCL.745.A
+ Issue of an Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Instructor Course Completion certificate permitting delivery of FCL.745.A      privileges

Although not mandated, it is worthy of note that EASA have 'recommended' that Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane instructors hold an EASA Aerobatic Rating. If you require this rating we are able to assist - additional charges will be applicable.

The Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Instructor Course is run over a 5 day period, but this is subject to weather. A minimum of 2 delegates per course, or maximum of 4 delegates per course.

We are able to provide accommodation for delegates upon request.

Please contact Rob Howarth or Phil Millward at CRM Aviation for further course details.

FCL.915 (e)

AMC1 FCL.915(e) General prerequisites and requirements for instructors  

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