Advanced UPRT - Aeroplane Instructor Course - £4500 + VAT

FCL.915(e) details the requirements for training and approvals of Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Instructors. 

Our course is designed to comprehensively train prospective Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane instructors and  is approved by the UK CAA.

Prior to commencing the Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Instructor Course delegates will be required to;

+ Comply with FCL.915 (b)
+ Hold a minimum of 500 hours total time, of which 200 hours are flight instructional

The course program is as follows;

+ Delegates attend the CRM Aviation Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane course in compliance with FCL.745.A
+ Delegates undertake 'Train the Trainer' ground school with the CRM Aviation Chief Advanced UPRT Instructor
+ Delegates undertake 3 flights of 1.5 hour duration in the Slingsby Firefly T67, learning to deliver the flight                  exercises in accordance with AMC1.FCL.745.A, by give and give back techniques
+ Flight 4 in the T67 Firefly will be a general assessment of competence with our Chief UPRT-A Instructor or CAA Staff Examiner to deliver Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane in accordance with FCL.745.A
+ Issue of an Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Instructor Course Completion certificate, and log book entry, permitting        delivery of FCL.745.A privileges

Although not mandated, it is worthy of note that EASA have 'recommended' that Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane instructors hold an Aerobatic Rating. If you require this rating we are able to assist where additional charges will be applicable.

The Advanced UPRT-Aeroplane Instructor Course is run over a 4/5 day period, but this is subject to weather. A minimum of 2 delegates are to be booked per course, or maximum of 4 delegates per course. Courses will only be delivered to 'non industry conflicting' needs.

We are able to provide accommodation for delegates upon request.

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