Multi Crew Co-operation Course - £1995

We offer the full EASA Approved MCC course in a state of the art, fully approved, 21st century simulator, perfect for the non technical demand of the Multi-Crew Co-operation course. Our EASA MCC course is accepted by all recruiting carriers.

During your MCC course we use 'Standard Operating Procedures' which are closely based upon those of typical airlines, with checklists, QRH, flight plans and performance manuals, all typical of those that you will find 'on the line'.

Our MCC instructors have many years of experience in this field, and are all dedicated to giving you the most realistic and informative MCC course experience possible. At CRM Aviation we have been running the MCC course for 9 years, it's our specialist subject, and therefore we have perfectly refined the course making it widely recognised for its excellence within the commercial aviation industry.

What happens on your MCC course with CRM Aviation?

You start on a Wednesday (unless you do the JOC combined course) and spend your first three days in the classroom. Classroom day three allows you some familiarisation time in the simulator to ready yourself for the simulator week ahead.

After a weekend break, you are back with us on the Monday to fly a four hour session with your allocated Simulator Partner, everyday through to Friday. The four hour session is split between two hours pilot flying (PF) and two hours pilot monitoring (PM), as well as two hours of pre and post flight briefings.

Upon satisfactory completion at the end of your course, you will be presented with your EASA MCC Course Completion Certificate, enabling you to move on to a multi crew type rating or start to apply for multi crew career opportunities.

Course Pre Entry Requirements;

With the changes in Part FCL in September 2012, all we require is that you have passed your ME/IR skills test before you start the course with us. Any ICAO state ME/IR is acceptable to attend the course. You can book the course before passing your skills test but a realistic time window must be allowed. You do not need to have your licence in hand the day you start your course but you will need to provide a copy of your ME-IR endorsed on your licence before your MCC Course completion certificate is issued.

Just a thought!

By EASA definition the MCC course is a 'non technical course' - our device is the perfect platform to acquire all the necessary CRM skills from the MCC course. Don't load yourself up completing your MCC course in an unrealistically complex type orientated simulator - you will not get the core benefits of the course, you will be far too involved in operating the airplane, therefore detracting from all the core CRM skills that recruiting airlines look for in their assessments. Our Alsim ALX simulator is the perfect match with our hugely experienced industry expert instructors.

Accommodation Package Option

We are able to offer an 'all in' package of MCC course, 10 nights bed and breakfast accommodation and collection if you fly in to London Heathrow for an inclusive price of £2590. Our accommodation is a good quality independent guest house, close to us, that we have been using for 4 years. You will have your own room in our accommodation - it is not a shared room. For details of the accommodation package see here - Accommodation Package

Another question you may have;

Most prospective MCC students will ask themselves "Why this school" Please see here for Why CRM Aviation is the right school for you!

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