Combined MCC/JOC Course - £3250


What happens on your Combined MCC/JOC Course with CRM Aviation?

Our Combined MCC/JOC Course is built using a framework of competencies to ensure all key observable behavioural indicators that make up the full package of pilots technical and non technical skills. These behavioural indicators sit under our 9 headline competences of;

+ Problem Solving/Decision Making
+ Situational Awareness
+ Professionalism
+ Leadership & Teamwork
+ Workload Management
+ Communication
+ Aircraft Flight Path - Automation
+ Aircraft Flight Path - Manual
+ Knowledge & Procedures 

Our Combined MCC/JOC is far from a basic MCC/JOC Course, and in many ways is more aligned to the APSMCC syllabus, but without the hugely expensive costs associated with such course. The course moves away from pure scenario-based training and focuses on Evidence Based Training, prioritising the development and assessment of key competences, leading to better training outcomes. 

You will start with us on a Tuesday with your MCC Ground School where you will spend 3 days in the classroom working with presentations, case studies and at our sim mock up. On the Friday you will undertake 4 hours in the classroom focusing on the differences of operation between a multi engine piston aircraft and a multi turbofan aircraft. Following a short break you will transition into the simulator to complete 4 hours of purely 'Jet Orientation' training - the essence of the course.

After a weekend break, you will be back with us on Monday to fly a 4 hour session everyday through to Friday. With your CRM allocated simulator partner, the 4 hour session is split between 2 hours 'pilot flying' (PF) and 2 hours 'pilot monitoring' (PM), as well as 2 hours of pre and post flight briefings. Your report times will vary throughout the week. At the end of your course you will be presented with your JOC Course Completion Certificate and your UK CAA MCC Course Completion Certificate, enabling you to move on to a multi crew type rating.

Course Entry Requirements

We will require you to have completed your multi engine instrument rating, ME/IR in order to attend the course. You do not need to have your licence issued, but you will need to have passed your skills test prior to commencement of the course. We are happy to accept realistic forward dated bookings from customers still undergoing their final stage of ME/IR training.

Just a thought!

The MCC Course is, as defined by Part-FCL/ORA, as a non-technical course. Students have repeatedly fed-back to us that our simulator is the perfect platform on which to complete the MCC and develop their CRM skills. You will find that you are not overloaded with operating an unrealistically complex type orientated simulator whilst trying to also learn new MCC Skills - but instead will be able to draw out the core benefits of the course and apply them in your airline assessments. What is more important are the instructor that deliver the course - they are the key ingredient. Details on our instructors are here - CRM Instructors

Accommodation Package Option

We are able to offer an 'all in' package for the combined MCC/JOC Course, 11 nights bed and breakfast accommodation in a very good quality guest house, as well as chauffer collection if you fly in to London Heathrow for an inclusive price of £3995. The accommodation is a good quality independent guest house, close to us. You will have your own room in our accommodation - it is not a shared room.  Evening meals are also available at very reasonable rates. For details of the accommodation see here - Accommodation Package

Another question you may have;

Prospective MCC/JOC delegates ask themselves "Why this ATO" - See here for Why CRM Aviation could be the right training organisation for you!

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