Multi Crew Co-operation Instructor Course - from £1195 + VAT

The training course for the MCC instructor Rating shall include;

1 - 25 hours of teaching and learning instruction.

2 - Technical training relating to the type of FSTD to be used.

3 - 3 hours of practical instruction, which may be flight instruction or MCC  instruction on the relevant FNPTII, under the supervision of a TRI, SFI or MCCI nominated by the ATO for that purpose. These hours of flight instruction under supervision shall include the assessment of the applicants competence as described in FCL.920.

Applicants holding, or having held an FI, TRI, CRI, IRI or SFI certificate shall be fully credited towards the requirements of (1)

TKI exempt Course Charge - £1195 + VAT per person
Full Course Charge - £1925 + VAT per person

For full course  information please contact Rob Howarth or Martin Whitehead on +44 (0) 1628 825 767.

Charges based upon a minimum number of two delegates

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