Do you have aspirations to join the UK's largest Regional Airline, Loganair? Look no further... 

CRM Aviation are proud to be the only Loganair Approved and Partnered ATO to enable you to achieve that ambition.

In partnership with Loganair we have developed a program which will take you all the way through a Loganair sim assessment and HR interview.

The course is built using a framework of competencies to ensure all key observable behavioural indicators that make up the full package of a Loganair First Officer's technical and non technical skills. These behavioural indicators sit under 9 headline competences;

+ Problem Solving/Decision Making
+ Situational Awareness
+ Professionalism
+ Leadership & Teamwork
+ Workload Management
+ Communication
+ Aircraft Flight Path - Automation
+ Aircraft Flight Path - Manual
+ Knowledge & Procedures 

The entire course, including the HR interview and Sim Assessment are delivered at CRM Aviation's own facilities in accordance with Loganair SOP's.  

Course Schedule

Starting on a Wednesday with a presentation by the Loganair Recruitment Team followed by Ground School & Technical Training, you will spend 3 days working through presentations and case studies together with sim familiarisation exercises.

A weekend off will allow you to prepare to undertake 2 working weeks of simulator training comprising of 40 hours, covering all of the required and regulated areas of the APS MCC in accordance with Loganair SOP's.

Your APS MCC Assessment of Competence will take place on the final Friday. The following day (Saturday) you will undertake an additional simulator assessment with a Loganair TRI/E and have an HR interview with Loganair. Upon successful completion of the APS MCC, sim assessment and HR interview you will be offered a First Officer position with Loganair. 

Course Entry Requirements & Application Process

To attend the course you are required to have completed your multi engine instrument rating. You do not need to have your licence issued, but you will need to have passed your skills test prior to commencement of the course.  The Loganair Mentored APS MCC course is for UK CAA licence holders only who have a right to live and work in the United Kingdom.

You will need to make your application for the course by clicking the link below. Loganair will review your application and notify us if you have been successful. This process typically takes 2 weeks from application. We will then contact you to proceed with the booking of your course. 

Upon successful completion of your APS MCC, you will be offered a simulator assessment and HR interview with Loganair, where successful candidates will have access to their fast track recruitment process and priority placement in the hold pool, the first step in being a First Officer position with Loganair.

Please ensure that you carefully read the selection criteria and are fully aware of the course that you are applying for. Make your application here - Loganair Mentored APS MCC Course 

oganair Mentored APS MCC Course 2024 Dates;

+ 10th - 26th July
+ 4th - 20th September
+ 6th - 22nd November

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