Jet Orientation Course - JOC Course - £750

Many Airlines are now requesting that prospective employees complete a Jet Orientation Course prior to applying.  Our JOC has been designed to meet these needs and has been reviewed and approved by several current Airline Recruiters.

Why a JOC?

The transition from flying slower single pilot aircraft (SPA) to your first type rating in a multi pilot aircraft (MPA) at airliner jet speeds can be challenging, especially when you are also learning carrier specific standard operating procedures (SOP's) as taught in our MCC course. The JOC is therefore seen as a way to bridge this gap.


Our JOC is an excellent method of preparing yourself for your airline selection assessments, as well as your first type rating.

You will learn jet handling skills using procedures in our full EFIS simulator with complex systems based upon the A320.

The JOC is an 'orientation' to operating a jet, not a type rating. Longer type specific JOC's can be potentially a waste of both time and money - principally because students are too involved in operating the aircraft type and not focussing on the core jet orientation areas. They also offer no credits against a real type rating!

Our Jet Orientation Course runs on alternate weeks, usually before starting the MCC course. The JOC comprises of 4 hours of classroom, followed by 4 hours in the simulator. Total JOC time is 8 hours

Throughout the theory morning you will learn about high speed flight, jet operations, technical systems and how the FMS works. When in the simulator you will learn about mach tuck, dutch roll, basic programming of the FMS through the MCDU's and also high altitude operations as well as hand flying. We also cover an airline assessment profile to expose you to that all important assessment!

At the end of the course you will receive a JOC Completion Certificate. Be warned, to keep costs down for our Students, this is an intensive course and requires commitment and focus!

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