Student Feedback


"Briefings Excellent"

Briefings were excellent as well as debriefings.
JOC/MCC Student, Lancashire, 24/11/17

"Exceeded Expectations"

Very good experience all round and a very useful course.
JOC/MCC Student, Yorkshire, 24/11/17


Very happy with the ground and sim training. Excellent course.
JOC/MCC Student, Belgium, 24/11/17


All positive. Great experienced instructors with great facilities. I would definitely recommend.
JOC/MCC Student, Cornwall, 24/11/17

"Really Pleased"

Overall an excellent course and I am really pleased.
JOC/MCC Student, Yorkshire, 24/11/17

"Excellent Course"

Very good course with really good instructors.
JOC/MCC Student, France,10/11/17

"Extremely Knowledgeable"

The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic and happy to expand on questions.
JOC/MCC Student, Pembrokeshire, 10/11/17

"Very Realistic Experience"

Excellent facilities. Knowledgeable trainer with real world experience was invaluable. Very realistic experience, especially in the practical sessions. Robin was a delight to learn from.
JOC/MCC Student, Scotland, 10/11/17


I enjoyed the course. Instructors are very good.
JOC/MCC Student, France, 10/11/17

"Very Experienced"

CRM are very experienced and they know what they are talking about.
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 10/11/17

"Excellent Course"

Very professional and I highly recommend.
JOC/MCC Student, Spain, 10/11/17

"Genuine Learning"

Excellent attitude all round. Very professional course with focus on genuine learning and sharing of wisdom from some highly experienced aviators.
JOC/MCC Student, Lincolnshire, 27/10/17


Professional staff and instructors.
JOC/MCC Student, France, 27/10/17


Very high level of experience with good instructors. Thank you.
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 27/10/17

"Quality Instruction"

Thoroughly enjoyed the course more than I was expecting. The quality of instruction and experience from the instructors was superb. The scenarios and teaching points were realistic and very well made. It was about learning MCC and nota type rating. I would recommend CRM Aviation to colleagues.
JOC/MCC Student, Surrey, 27/10/17

"100% Recommend"

Very professionally and experienced staff. 100% recommend. Sim is excellent - perfect balance between complexity and CRM skills.
JOC/MCC Student, Chester, 13/10/17

"Instructors are passionate"

The main thing that struck me about CRM Aviation is that all of the instructors have an extremely successful commercial aviation flying career and are instructing because they are passionate and dedicated to pass on their knowledge and experience.
JOC/MCC Student, Spain, 13/10/17

"Professional & Supportive"

All of the instructors are very professional and supportive. Great course.
JOC/MCC Student, Finland, 13/10/17

"Great Learning Experience"

Great instructors who are patient and offer great advice. I progressed significantly. Thank you
JOC/MCC Student, Sri Lanka, 13/10/17

"No Faults"

Very experienced instructors in a good environment and better priced than many. Simulator operation very good and no faults or downtime!
JOC/MCC Student, Kent, 13/10/17

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