Student Feedback

"I Recommend"

Very good training. I recommend CRM Aviation.
JOC/MCC Student, France, 15/09/17

"Experienced Instructors"

Helpful staff and very experienced instructors at CRM Aviation.
JOC/MCC Student, Yorkshire, 15/09/17


The sim week was great. Iain was brilliant. I learned a lot.
JOC/MCC Student, Denmark, 15/09/17

"More than expected"

I really liked the training. I learned a lot more than I expected and the instructors were really good.
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 15/09/17

"Professional Approach"

Very impressed with CRM Aviation. All staff are friendly with a professional approach to training. I now feel prepared for the next step in my civil career.
JOC/MCC Student, Hampshire, 15/09/17

"Stepped up"

The instructors are great. The training is good. I feel I have stepped up a level as a pilot.
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 15/09/17

"Real World Stories"

The instructors are very experienced and have real world stories. Excellent.
JOC/MCC Student, Surrey, 01/09/17


Very good instructors and a professional environment. Thank you.
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 01/09/17

"Great Real Stories"

The instructors are very experienced and always put a real story on top of the theoretical topic. The sim is perfect, not too complex, but enough to make the MCC lessons effective.
JOC/MCC Student, Belgium, 01/09/17

"Friendly Environment"

Very experienced pilots and instructors in a friendly environment. Great advice and training.
JOC/MCC Student, France, 01/09/17


Always enthusiastic - there are so many knockbacks in obtaining a career in aviation and it is important that everyone remains positive in the training environment - great to see at CRM!
JOC/MCC Student, Wiltshire, 01/09/17

"Excellent Training"

The course showed the work we have to do once in an airline. My level of confidence has risen. This was excellent training, thank you.
JOC/MCC Student, France, 01/09/17

"Great Course"

Excellent instructors. Good facilities and a good insight to commercial aviation.
JOC/MCC Student, Lincolnshire, 18/08/17

"I Recommend"

I would recommend CRM. Excellent course with excellent instructors.
JOC/MCC Student, Norway, 18/08/17

"Well Run"

A well run course. Exceeded my expectations.
JOC/MCC Student, Hampshire, 18/08/17

"Hard to improve"

Excellent course. Hard to improve. Very happy and good value for money.
JOC/MCC Student, Hampshire, 04/08/17

"Excellent Course"

I really enjoyed this excellent course.
JOC/MCC Student, Finland, 04/08/17

"Turned out to be fantastic"

I was dreading the 3 days of MCC ground school but it turned out to be 3 fantastic days. Learnt so much. Pete and Robin were brilliant. The course gave a real insight into airline life and very clued up on MCC. Sim sessions were also fantastic. Peter and Mel were very good instructors. Thanks.
JOC/MCC Student, Yorkshire, 04/08/17

"Excellent Course!"

An excellent course and the teaching method is great.
JOC/MCC Student, Iceland, 04/08/17

"Brilliant Facilities"

Friendly and professional instructors with vast knowledge in brilliant facilities.
JOC/MCC Student, Sussex, 21/07/17


I enjoyed the friendly approach and the real life experiences shared by the instructors.
JOC/MCC Student, France, 21/07/17

"Exceed Expectations"

I enjoyed the course and gaining experience from the numerous experienced instructors.
JOC/MCC Student, Ireland, 21/07/17

"Learnt Lots"

Learnt lots from the very experienced instructors. Excellent value for money and a very enjoyable 2 weeks.
JOC/MCC Student, Cheshire, 21/07/17

"Excellent Course"

Very well run course. Exceeded expectations. Thank you!
MCC Student, Malta, 07/07/17


Exceeded expectations. Excellent simulator.
JOC/MCC Student, London, 07/07/17

"Sim Perfect for Job"

Great value for money. Exceeded all expectations. Friendly experienced instructors happy to pass on experience and knowledge. Sim perfect for the job. An enjoyable experience all round. Thank you.
JOC/MCC Student, Devon, 07/07/17

"Extremely Experienced Staff"

Extremely experienced staff. Excellent course.
MCC Student, Scotland, 07/07/17

"Fantastic Instructors"

Great course with  fantastic instructors. Exceeded my expectations in every regard and has bridged the gap between single pilot ops and the world of multi crew flying. I feel well prepared to embarking on a multi crew type rating.
JOC/MCC Student, Nottinghamshire, 23/06/17

"Exceeded Expectations"

Good clear cut and standardisation training. I recommend CRM Aviation.
JOC/MCC Student, Leicestershire, 23/06/17

"Great Instructors"

An excellent course with great instructors. Thank you!
JOC/MCC Student, Qatar, 23/06/17


An absolutely essential course before going on to a sim assessment. Exceeded my expectations.
MCC Student, Leicestershire, 23/06/17

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